Christmas Home Tour 2021

Hi friends! It has been a while since I’ve written a blog post because I’ve been testing the waters of YouTube. I love documenting our home for Christmas here though, so that will continue. I’ll probably keep it up for a while longer as long as yall are here to watch and read too.

So, it’s our first holiday season in Germany and man is it awesome! We went to our first Christmas market and I was too excited to document it for yall, but don’t worry, I’m going back. As for our house, I’ve been working hard to make it cozy and comfortable for our family to call home for the next few years. If you follow my YouTube channel, you already got a little glimpse inside at Halloween, but I’ll take you a little further for the Christmas tour. So, grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and enjoy our new home all dressed up for the holiday!

The entryway

The downstairs hallway

View from the hallway into the main living area

Our dining, kitchen and living area is all one great room.

Check out my Instagram to see how I made this super simple table centerpiece.

Our kitchen is small, but the open layout makes up for that. Our last kitchen was small and cramped. I put all my nutcrackers on display in here. I added a new one this year, made here in Germany.

I found this cute Santa print from Hobby Lobby.

The living room. It seems small to me, but we were actually able to fit all of our furniture from our last living room.

No fireplace in this house, so we had to find a good spot for the stockings. Jordan suggested the blue cabinet and they look so good on it! The white and red with the blue backdrop is such a good combo!

I used all my vintage and homemade ornaments on the tree this year. I didn’t use lots of ribbon like I usually do, but kept it simple with beads and ribbon ties. I also popped in some old school tinsel garland. Now that the girls are all older, I was able to use all my pretty glass ornaments in here too.

I found this nativity last year at a thrift store. There isn’t a manger, but it is so pretty and detailed that I had to have it.

Now onto the second floor where our master bedroom is at as well as our oldest bedroom and the guest room.

The staircase got a dose of bright Christmas color.

At the top of our stairs, I have created a small library with all our books. It’s a little cramped, but it’s cozy and the girls will come sit up here and read to each other.

For the upstairs hallway, I kept it simple.

And last, a tiny glimpse into our master because I had to have a small tree in here.

And that is it for this years tour. It was a big one, so I hope you made it all the way through. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook @steeltoesandhighheels and on YouTube @TuluLoving for more holiday and decorating ideas. Merry Christmas and happy decorating to all of you!!

xoxo Tulu

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