Re-Stuffing My Couch Cushions

It’s no secret that I love to change things up and lately I have been itching to get a new couch. I want something more neutral that can change easily throughout the different seasons of decor. Unfortunately, with the holidays right around the corner, a new couch purchase is unrealistic, so I have been thinking of ways to love my couch again. One of the most annoying things about a “lived in” couch is how flat the cushions get and ours was really bad. When we sit on them the top cushions just flip over onto our shoulders and we’re constantly elbowing them back into place. It’s actually one of the most annoying things in the world to me. I have had many words with our couch when I sit down to relax and it starts creeping over my shoulder. That may have more to do with my mental health than the couch itself, but whose to say 😜. Needless to say, it was time to re-stuff my cushions. And let me tell you, I could’ve saved myself many angry conversatons with my darn couch if I had done this years ago. It is the easiest DIY I have ever tackled and definitely one of the most rewarding! Let me give you the deets.

First, take a look at the sad state of these things.

You can go ahead and ignore the cookie stains. Those are a different sad story.

Here is the glorious product I purchased to save my couch. Polyfil.

Each 16oz bag cost $3.47 at The Walmart, but really they are priceless. I bought 4 bags, 2 for each cushion. I went back for more because at first I only planned to do the back cushions. I’ll get to that later.

I unzipped the first cushion and pulled out the casing of polyfil inside.

There is a small opening on the side that allows me to access the polyfil and I used that to stuff the 2 fresh bags I bought at the store.

I tried to get an even layer from side to side. Here’s a before and after.

It was so fat that I had to use all my might to shove it back in the cover. Luckily, I’m very familiar with that scenario and was able to get it taken care of 😉.

I zipped her back up and put her back on the couch. Look at the difference!

I’m actually a little jealous. I wish someone would perk me up like that!

I quickly got the other one stuffed and took an ‘after’ picture.

And that’s when I realized that my job wasn’t finished yet. Sure, the back looks great now, but look at those butt cushions. Sad. So Sad. So, I went back to The Walmart to get more polyfil.

I grabbed the bigger 50oz bag and just to be safe, grabbed another 16 oz one.

The bottom cushions were pretty similar to the top except these have a large piece of foam in between the polyfil.

I stuffed it and got it as smooth as I could. Take a look at that! Stuffed on the right, still sad and pitiful on the left.

And here’s one last look before

And after

Oh, and let me tell you it feels so much nicer on the bum and back. Total cost of this project was less than $30!! Do yourself a favor and get a few bags of this stuff and give your couch a new life. You can thank me later. I like a good bottle of wine. Or chocolates. I’ll let you choose.

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