Why I’m Not a Great Blogger and Won’t Be. For Now, At Least

You may have noticed that I don’t post or share every day. And if you follow other home decorating bloggers (or any popular bloggers), you may have noticed that they do. Most share a couple times a day with fresh blog content and frequent posts on social media. I, on the other hand, will only share with you if I’m currently working on a project for my home or decorating for a new season, etc. I have tried (not very hard) to increase my following on social media and traffic on the blog by creating projects for myself or just resharing old projects and posting pictures to Facebook and Instagram, but I felt it wasn’t quality content and I don’t want to waste people’s time unless I have something useful or interesting to share that I have actually used in or done for my own home. I don’t have a huge following and honestly, it doesn’t really matter to me right now. Let me explain.

First, everything you see from me is 100% at my own expense. Many of the popular bloggers partner with companies to use products and share that product with their followers. This enables them to change things up frequently and also offer give-a-ways to entice new followers. You will hear me promote some products, but only ones I’ve actually used and liked. And they are, of course, paid for by me. 

Second, I am not very good at social media. What I mean is that I just can’t bring myself to stay on social media. A – I’ve got too much going on to do that. B – I feel awkward talking about myself all day, every day(I’m not that interesting 😛) and C – I make a conscious effort to not stay on my phone because I don’t want to set that example for my girls. I want them to be more active in their actual life rather than their online life (when I actually allow them to have one).

Finally, I realize in order to put that much time and effort into my blog, gain a larger following and possibly even turn it into income, it would need to be a full time job and that would defeat the purpose of me staying home with my girls. With my first two girls, I worked full time. I was active duty military and they both went to daycare at about two months old. On top of that I was a single mother most of the time. My husband and I were stationed separately for almost 3 years. Once we finally had an assignment together, I got pregnant with our third girl and not long after that I got a different assignment. We already never saw each other or the kids and we were spending so much money on day care. The new assignment finally pushed us to make a decision. I would stay home and take care of the girls and give them some stability throughout the future moves and changes the Air Force will inevitably bring our family. It was absolutely one of the best decisions we have made as a couple. It has been so good for our girls and our relationship. Right now, my family is my full time job. So, if I give the blog as much effort as it would take to grow significantly, that time would have to come from my family and I’m not willing to do that. When I do put together a blog post, it is usually late at night when the girls are asleep or on the weekends when I have my husband’s help. I guess I could spend more of that time blogging, but then I probably wouldn’t sleep much and a tired mama is a grumpy mama (and really grumpy wife). Eventually, all my girls will be in school and I can put more effort into the blog, or go to school or whatever I choose to do.

Most of you reading this are personal friends or family members and you have been supporting me from the beginning. You are the reason I started the blog in the first place because you were always asking me how I did something or asking me where I got things for the house, etc. Honestly, that means more to me than gaining followers and likes on social media. So right now, I may not be the greatest blogger, but that is fine by me. And hopefully for you too. 😊

One thought on “Why I’m Not a Great Blogger and Won’t Be. For Now, At Least

  1. Tulu you are a great Mommy, wife & daughter. You have set your priorities wisely. Those girls are the future & I’m happy this is the way y’all have decided family life should be.

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