Picnic Table Kit from Lowes

Good morning! Today, I am sharing our new picnic table from Lowes. I am a woman who loves to entertain. I love having people over and take great care to ensure everyone is comfortable and feels welcome. That being said, I knew my small seating area on the porch wasn’t going to cut it for a big bbq get together. I searched high and low for a nice outdoor dining table that was a reasonable price. There aren’t many quality options that are under a couple hundred dollars. Throw in seating for 6 (size of my family) and you’re really looking at a high cost. Then, on yet another trip to Lowes I saw a wood picnic table displayed out front. It was priced at $98! I knew instantly it was what I was looking for. Jordan went and picked it up and put it together for me😉.

What you get is an outdoor picnic table kit. It comes with the wood pre-cut and all the fasteners you need.

You will need for this project:





First, Jordan laid everything out and put together the table portion. The instructions are easy to follow.

Then, he put the seats on. Most of the holes were pre-drilled, but when he got to the seats, he needed to pre-drill a couple of the holes. Make sure your benches are evenly placed and the boards are flush, then pre-drill.

Install your wood screws.

And that was it. I’m telling ya, it was so easy. He had it together in less than an hour.

Now here comes my part, making it look pretty. There are a lot of rough cuts on the table so I started by sanding the entire thing.

Once it was sanded, I wiped it down with a damp rag to remove all dust. Next, I applied 2 coats of primer. Even though this table will stay on our screened in porch, it will still be exposed to some damp conditions so I want to protect the wood well. I used Zinsser Primer and sealer.

For my color, I chose white. White will go through all seasons of decorating and I love to change it up season to season, so it was an easy choice. I used the Perfect White from Valspar that I had leftover from painting my interior walls.

After a full day of drying, I gave it a quick spray of clear coat and it was ready to go.

Since it is ready just in time for our 4th of July party, I went ahead and dressed it up. I found the perfect outdoor lantern from Homegoods and some small flags from Walmart to fill my Mason jars. It’s simple and patriotic and perfect for the occasion. I couldn’t be more happy with this project!

Total cost was $116 (without tax) for the table, light fixture and decor. I saved money using leftover paint and I had a $10 coupon for the table. If you’re looking for an option for outdoor dining furniture, don’t overlook these wooden picnic tables from Lowes! Happy 4th, y’all!

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