Main Living Areas Before and After

I have finally completed the main living areas of the house. Praise Jesus, hallelujah!! I’m going to share them with you today and all the little details, but I want to take you back to move in day so you can see the before and after. I really enjoy a good before and after so I hope you do too.

First we’ll start in the living room. I’ve showed you this room before and it was really the only one completed in the entire house. But since then, I have painted the walls bright white and moved the furniture around. One thing that is consistent in my decorating is change. I like to change it up from time to time. If I’m not working on a project somewhere, you can guarantee I’m moving furniture around.

Here is the living room, when we first moved in. There are no light fixtures in here and the two small windows beside the fire place don’t offer much light.



Today, it is nice and bright with the bright white paint and I’ve added two floor lamps to give us some more light. Since I have moved the furniture, we have a better flow from the dining and kitchen and even the girls room. This goes to show you that you should think outside the box when it comes to furniture placement. The TV was blocking so much light and the couch was blocking the opening to the dining room. My girls asked me why I didn’t just put the furniture like this to begin with. :-/


The dining room before.


I gave it a coat of bright white on the stairwell, blue on the side walls and wallpaper on the last wall.





And since I couldn’t resist adding a little early Spring décor, I’ll go ahead and share that too.  I got these cute bunnies at Target dollar spot and the flowers on sale at Michaels. All their Spring flowers are 40% off right now.


The milk glass pitcher was Jordan’s grandmother’s, and his mother gave it to me. I love it and I use it often. Of course, I’m always scared my kids will do something to it, but I can’t stand to put it away in a cabinet. The books are old volumes of Shakespeare that I found at an antique store. They all came together so cute.

Finally, the kitchen. This is definitely the smallest kitchen I’ve ever had (pre-marriage and kids doesn’t count 😉 ). Here it is before.


Obviously there is nothing I can do to fix the size, so I just tried to make it as light and bright as I could.  The counters are covered in marble contact paper and the backsplash is contact paper as well. I gave the whole room a coat of bright white paint to get rid of some of the yellow tones in here. I have plans for a really cool ceiling detail, but I have painted so much this month that I don’t think I’m physically capable of holding up a paint brush right now.


And that’s it for the completed rooms in this house. I’m close to finishing the girls rooms on the first floor, but the 2nd story is nowhere near finished. Honestly, I never slow down when it comes to working on our homes. The only thing that ever stops me is money 😦 So, unless any of you are looking to get rid of some, or just want to donate to my decorating obsession, some rooms have to wait for a little while. Until then, my friends!


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