My Black Dog Salvage Experience

Recently, our family went to Roanoke Va., where we often go to visit my husband’s family. This time, however, I finally got around to going to Black Dog Salvage. If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, I’ll give you a little info.

The owners of Black Dog Salvation also star in a show on DIY Network called Salvage Dogs. They go around Virginia and further to salvage architecture from structures that are on verge of being torn down and bring them back to their shop to either sell or repurpose. Like any good show, there’s a lot of fun and laughter thrown into the mix

We have seen their store, but never had a chance to go in and check it out. This time, Jordan and I had a little time to ourselves and took the opportunity to take a peak.

When you first pull into their parking lot, you can already see all the treasures around the building.

The inside is much larger than we expected. It felt like it just kept going. There is a mix of salvage, custom made pieces and booths from other vendors.

There is a huge room of just salvaged doors.

Look at those massive pocket doors. I would love to see the building they came out of.

There were some really beautiful and unique pieces.

Jordan really liked the custom dining tables and bars they made.

The vendor booths had some pretty neat things as well.

I tried to get a lot of pictures for you all, but honestly they don’t do this place any justice. First, it really is massive and you need a good hr or 2 to soak it all in. Second, I was actually surprised to find quite a few affordable items, from doors and windows to moldings and lighting. If you are looking for a few unique pieces to give your home character, I have no doubt you can find something here. Finally, this place is great for inspiration. It was so neat to see how they repurposed some of the salvaged items. Check out this coffee table.

There was also so much more outside to see, but it was raining on the day we went. Long story short, if you ever find yourself in Roanoke, Va., do yourself a favor and check out the Black Dog Salvage store. You will not be disappointed.

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