Home Improvement/ Décor Stores That Offer Military Discount

This post is specifically for my military family and friends. One of my priorities when sharing DIY and decorating projects with you all is to share ways to save money while making your house a home. We are a family with one income and I can 100% relate to keeping a tight budget. One of my favorite ways to save money is taking advantage of military discounts. For those of you who are dependents of military members, never ever feel guilty about taking advantage of military discounts. After all, your money is their money and vice versa. Every time you save money is helping your entire family out and you should never feel guilty for that. And if you’re one of those people who like to give dependents guilt trips for using these discounts, you can go play in traffic, or get a life.

Anyway, rant over lol, and today I’m sharing my favorite places to shop and use that discount that you may not know about.

Home Improvement Stores

Lowes and Home Depot both offer a 10% military discount on your total purchase. At Lowes, you need to register online for the discount and then you simply need to give them your phone number or email address in the store when you check out.

Lowes Military Discount

At Home Depot, you will need to present your military ID card at checkout.

Home Depot Military Discount Policy

Home Decorating Stores

I recently discovered that Joanns Fabric stores offer military discount. I took full advantage of that while decorating our house for Fall. You simply need to present proof of your military service (past or present) or your dependent ID card at checkout for a 10% discount on your total purchase.

Joanns Fabric Store Military Discount Policy

Finally, Michaels offers a 15% discount on your total purchase! Simply present your military id card at checkout.

Michaels Military Discount

Keep a look out during Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day when stores offer additional discounts for service members past and present.

With all these stores, I have personal experience using their discount. However, there are a few other home and garden stores that offer military discount that I have not taken advantage of, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! Below is a complete list of discounts compiled by MilitaryBenefits.info. Pssst, I spy Potter Barn on that list 😃!!

Military Discounts

Happy shopping, friends!

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