My Pottery Barn Experience

Jordan and I went to a PGA tournament in North Jersey last month and while we were there we stumbled upon an awesome Pottery Barn store. It was huge and on 2 floors. I have never been to a Pottery Barn store, so of course I had to explore and snap some pictures to share some of the awesome eye candy with you all. They had their Fall displays out and everything was just beautiful. Obviously, this store really isn’t in my budget and you typically see. hear me harping on budget decor and diy projects but, I like to use this kind of stuff for inspiration. As a matter of fact you could day I have Pottery Barn taste on a Dollar Tree budget 😉.

Come take a look.

They had tons of these beautiful glass pumpkins and votives.

Take a look at this Thanksgiving display 😃!

There was such cute dishware in this section.

And this Halloween display is so cute!

The galvanized jack o’ lanterns are my favorite!

So many lanterns! Look at the short wide one that they filled with pumpkins! That would be fun to fill for any season.

I even took a little video to show you the massiveness of the store.

Like I said before, Pottery Barn isnt exactly budget decor, but it sure is great for inspiration. And, I recently found out that Pottery Barn offers an in-store military discount so if you’re a fellow military member or family member and have your eye on something you have to have, go on and treat yourself!

Here are some more of my favorites from their Fall collections.

Ceramic Pumpkin Candleholders

glass pumpkins

Galvanized Jack O Lanterns

Thanksgiving dinnerware

Maple Leaf Branch

Japanese Maple Branch

Would y’all like to see more from my shopping trips, where I find good deals, etc? I’m gonna start sharing some of the decor finds from my trips to my favorite stores, so stay tuned!

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