Patio Furniture Refresh

I am finally sharing the patio furniture makeover. I know I asked y’all for advice a while back and I actually finished this project even before the nursery, but it got put on the back burner as far as posts for the blog go.

This has to be the easiest DIY I’ve taken on for quite some time now. I feel like the further I get into the DIY world, the more I try to challenge myself, so this easy project was a nice break from that pace.

First thing I did was wash them really well. I have to admit that I haven’t washed them once since we moved here and probably long before that as well. To be honest I can’t recall the last time I washed them. :-/ I don’t have any photos of that process. Either I forgot to take photos or I was too embarrassed by how dirty they were. Once I finished, the love seat was just nice and clean but the arm chair was missing huge chunks of finish. I was actually happy to see that because I didn’t want to paint over flaking finish. Here they are in their clean, but still ugly state.



The chair was originally purchased from Pier 1 about 6 or 7 years ago. It came with an ottoman but it was chewed up by our dog when we lived in Texas. The love seat came from Walmart about 3 years ago. I believe both stores still carry these products.

I picked up some spray paint from Lowes. I used Valspar paint and primer in one and it’s also for indoor/outdoor use. I used it in a satin finish, but I couldn’t find that product online.

spray paint

I gave each piece two good coats of paint. I love not having to prime so products like this are great. With most spray paints you can add your second coat within an hour of the first. Otherwise, you need to wait 24 hrs. I’d like to tell you I know why that is, but I don’t. Here’s the after in all it’s glory.


And what’s a good after without some cute models? 😉


Man can I tell you how satisfying this project was?! Like I said before, most of my DIY projects are major undertakings these days so being able to have a before and after in less than a day was awesome! It was made even more awesome by my sweet in laws who insisted on taking me to pick out cushions. They really spoil me! I absolutely love the way the furniture turned out and they look so pretty on my porch now. I can’t wait to decorate for the next season!



Of course, I added a few snippets of our summer porch for your viewing pleasure 😉

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