Holiday Gallery Wall

I love changing up my gallery walls for the holidays.  It’s an easy way to decorate for the holidays and if you find free printables, you can just swap out your pictures for a no cost option.

I mixed in some signs I got from Homegoods with some prints I found on Pinterest to complete my gallery walls.


As you can tell, my husband put his stamp on this wall as well.   It’s basketball season so that’s a good time in our house for my wahoo fans(pops and the girls). Football season is another story…


Pick signs and prints that match your usual decor so the every day pieces will go well with your holiday art.


And here’s my other gallery.


For a super simple change you can use some of that leftover wrapping paper to wrap some of your pictures to look like presents. Like this one I did in our master bedroom last year.



I’ve linked my Christmas Pinterest board here so you can check out the printables I’ve pinned.  You’ll find all the ones I used in my house.

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