I Begrudgingly Put Myself On A Cleaning Schedule

Now before you start rolling your eyes, hear me out. I follow quite a few other home bloggers and a while back one of them shared that they have a cleaning schedule. I rolled my eyes. I’ll be honest, when she said it, I wasn’t surprised. She seems very put together. Like she’s got it way more figured out than I do. hahaha I often have that same thought about many of the home bloggers I follow.

But seriously, the thought of putting myself on a cleaning schedule went against everything I stand for. After getting out of the military, I have hated timelines, schedules or anything that is required of me that I haven’t scheduled myself. Procrastination and I are great friends. Well, more like frienemies. If the school sends something home and gives me a week to send it back, I’ll get it done the morning it needs to be there. Lord knows, I’m overdue for a doctor’s visit, but I just can’t bring myself to make that appointment. It’s gotten pretty bad over the years and I need to get it together.

Now, when it comes to cleaning, I’m not terrible. In fact, I like a clean house. But some weeks the laundry takes on a life of it’s own and some days I go into the girls bathroom and wonder if they’ve been hiding a dog in there (they’re girls! how does it get so gross??). I just figured, there has got to be a better way to get this stuff done. So, last month I took a play out of a fellow blogger’s playbook and created a cleaning schedule for myself. I kept the weekends off the schedule, minus the daily stuff like the kitchen and dining room where most our messes occur. I thought I’d give it a week and try it out. First week, not so bad. The first laundry day was awful, but the second was awesome! I only had 1 load of laundry! After the 2nd week, I realized that I really had been doing things wrong all these years. By keeping to the schedule, I had free time during the day. How the heck did I survive before? I was trying to do a little of everything, every day and rarely completing one complete task a day. By just sticking to the 1 or 2 tasks I gave myself per day, I had so much more time to do anything else besides cleaning. It’s the main reason you have heard so much from me lately. And now that the girls are in school, you’ll never get rid of me!! 😉

I’m gonna share my cleaning schedule with you all in case one of you needs saving from yourself as well. You can thank me later.

Monday- Laundry

Tuesday – Dust, Vacuum

Wednesday – Mop, Clean out Refrigerator

Thursday – Laundry

Friday – bathrooms

Everyday chores include the kitchen (dishes, counters) and the dining room (food messes, sweeping). Of course you can always deviate from the schedule, you are your own boss after all.

And that is it folks! Can you believe I’m doing 1 chore a day most days?? I really wish I would’ve done this when I was a working mom, but you live and you learn, right?! Now, I gotta go give my doctor a call 😕.

5 thoughts on “I Begrudgingly Put Myself On A Cleaning Schedule

  1. what a great idea. when I was a young girl scheduling house hold chores was done by a lot of ladies. They had tea toes and such imprinted with each days activities. Not sure how many home makers as they were called followed these guidelines. good ideas always resurface. so glad to see your schedule. Iam going to use it. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Love this! I used to do this when I was a new mom but I have slacked on that in the last five or six years . This is a good reminder of why I should implement it again .

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