Maci and Sadie’s Shared Room

The two middle girls share a room. I want all the girls to experience sharing a room at some point. Bella and Maci used to share before we moved to New Jersey and eventually Olivia and Sadie will share a room. I think it helps them grow closer, teaches them to share their things and hopefully they’ll be a little less spoiled because of it.

The only problem I have with these 2 sharing a room, is how incredibly messy they are. They even beat the baby when it comes to making a mess, so having them in the same room can be overwhelming at times. But, it provides another opportunity for me to teach them and help them grow. I try to give them routines and organize their room, so that it’s a little easier for them and me.

All my girls are girly and love pink and glitter and sparkles so you will see a lot of that in here. However Maci, the older of the two is starting to want her stuff a little less pink so I tried to give her a more neutral space than Sadie’s. There is still plenty of glitz and glitter on her side though.

I really enjoy creating a fun space for my girls and I always take their opinions to heart and make sure they pick out things they like. They picked out their bedding and most of the art and I just put it all together with a little whimsy.

Come on in!

Look closely at the small dresser to the left. I love this dresser so much. I found it at one of my favorite stores in Texas and I originally had it in Sadie’s nursery. Recently, Sadie practiced her numbers on it. I was less than happy, to say the least, but now, I can’t bring myself to erase it. I went to clean it off and I started thinking that one day, I will regret it. So, there they are, her numbers, in all their glory!




I kid you not, these two girls are not dainty and do not treat their stuff well. They are a venetian blind’s worst nightmare, they never met a bed they couldn’t jump on, and I’m pretty sure they take it as a personal challenge to rip the slides out of their dresser drawers. I tell you all this to say, this room needs to be durable and so do it’s furnishings. I went with a grey rug because I know there are bound to be stains on it, even though they are not allowed to have food in here. And, I buy them white comforters that I can bleach.




I originally bought Maci’s bedding for the spare room, but she really liked it so I gave it to her. She also picked out this super cute cloud night light from Ikea and the rainbow art from Hobby Lobby.





Sadie’s side screams Sadie. She loves anything pink and girly. I mean, this girl would rather wear a tutu than any other piece of clothing and has quite the collection of them. I knew I had to go over the top with the pink and so I did.




Also in this room is the only television that belongs to the kids, so all the girls pile in here to watch their shows and movies. I picked up these floor pillows from Homegoods so that they can all have a comfortable spot to sit and relax.


They have a tiny little closet, so I gave them a place to hang their backpacks, jackets, or anything else they don’t have room for in the closet. These over the door hangers are so cheap and great space savers. I have quite a few of them in our house.



Sadie used to have a night light like her sister’s, but she ripped it off the wall, as only Sadie could do. I gave her a little light for her dresser to replace it. It’s a desk lamp from Target.




I really love how their room turned out, but most importantly, so are they!


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