Decking the Dining Room

The dining room remains my favorite room in the house. I’ve made some small layout changes and painted the large chest green since I’ve last shared it with you. I am sticking with a red and white Christmas theme this year. I love how it looks with all my green décor.

Since most of my holiday decorations don’t work with my simple red and white theme, I needed new stuff. Being the wife of an junior nco, new décor every holiday season is unreasonable. So what does a good DIY wife do? Makes her own decorations of course. All the garland you will see on these tours was made by yours truly. The pom pom garland cost about $10 in yarn and the snow flake garland is made from Dollar Tree ornaments. (I did make good use of a couple Homegoods gift cards I have been hoarding from my birthday too.)



Here is the first of my mini trees I have throughout the house. I would love to have more full sized trees, but that’s just not practical in an 1800 sq ft house.






I had a white table cloth and an few more decorations on the table. Why I thought that would be a good idea with 3 kids eating here every day, I have no idea. I downsized and opted for a table runner. The mason jars are filled with Epsom salt and votive candles and the pine cones are from our yard. The table runner is from Homegoods and the faux pine and berries are from Hobby Lobby many Christmases ago.





Ahhhh and onto my favorite part of this room. When we first moved here this chest was my original green project. And then for whatever reason I got scared and decided to leave it white. Then I came to my senses and realized my original idea for this room is what I really wanted and I just needed to go for it. I love it! It makes such a statement in here and of course it looks great with all my red and white Christmas décor.


This became the spot for our hot chocolate bar. After last year I don’t think my girls will let me go another Christmas without one 🙂






All of these cute jars and mugs were found at thrift stores last year. Have I mentioned how much I love thrift stores??




And of course what would a hot chocolate bar be without a sweet girl to enjoy it?!




That’s a mom win right there!!

One thought on “Decking the Dining Room

  1. I absolutely love all the decor. The green chest is fantastic. I need a little “Tulu” for my decor which at this point doesn’t exist. I know hubby & girls love their holiday home. Merry Christmas.

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