My Top 5 Favorite Decorating Products for a Rental Home

If you’re a huge fan of DIY/Home shows, and live in a rental home, then you probably get as frustrated as I do with the lack of attention that rental products get. I have yet to come across a design or decorating show that caters to the renters all around the world. We all want beautiful homes, whether we own or rent. So, today I’m sharing my favorite products for decorating a rental home.

1. Paint. Yep, paint. So many people are scared to paint their rental homes and I never understand that. Most military housing will allow you to paint as long as you apply primer before you leave and it is such an easy DIY. Paint is one of the best ways to transform a space into something that is perfect for you and your style.

I use paint stencils to make an even bigger statement.

This one is from Cutting Edge Stencils

2. Contact paper. This is my favorite go-to product to makeover all our ugly rental kitchens. It not only covers up an unsightly countertop, but I’ve found that it also protects the owners counters from any stains or wear and tear, which may ultimately save you your deposit! It is easily applied and removed and you can find it just about everywhere, including Walmart, Target, Lowes and Home Depot to name a few.

You can find the marble contact paper that I got from Home Depot here .

3. Area Rugs. I got pretty lucky with flooring in our current home because we have original wood floors, but I have seen some homes with awful flooring. I’ve seen a base house where the laminate was patched with a few different colors of laminate. 😟 The easiest way to cover those awful floors is a pretty area rug. I get quite a few at and more recently RugsUSA. Walmart and Target also carry rugs and have great prices!

4. Removable wallpaper. Target carries some awesome peel and stick wallpaper. They have some that look like textured brick and textured shiplap for all you Joanna Gaines fans. And if you’re like me and love color in your home, their Opalhouse collection is for you!

Target Shiplap

Target Opalhouse

I found the wallpaper for my dining room at Home Depot. It’s not peel and stick, but it is removable.

Magnolia Home Brick and Mortar Wallpaper

I have also used fabric as removable wallpaper. Apply it with liquid starch and then it removes with warm water.

5. Command strips. Y’all, I love command strips so much that I asked Jordan to stuff my stocking with command strips last year. They are so awesome for hanging all your family portraits, favorite art, etc without damaging your walls. They are especially great if you’re a serial decorator and love to change things up. These velcro strips are my favorite.

That’s my top 5! These are all products that I use regularly and can vouch for. There are so many products out there for the renter, you just may not see them advertised as much as the products for owners. In fact, here are two that I am dying to try, I just haven’t gotten around to yet.

Tile stickers. Basically, you order the sticker you like in the size of tile that you have and voila! A whole new look.

Stick Pretty

Or if you just want to change that tile look all together, check out this faux tile that looks and feels just like real tile once it’s installed. It’s basically a 3D version of the tile stickers. I have personally seen them in the tile aisles in Home Depot and Lowes and in the Home improvement section of Walmart. Here’s some of the selection at Lowes .

I may be trying this out on my fireplace soon, so stay tuned for a review.

I hope this post will encourage all you renters out there to create a home that is reflects your style. Happy decorating!!

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