Decorating With Thrift Store Finds

Today’s post is all about thrifting. I’m gonna share all my tips for decorating your home on the cheap with thrift store finds and share all the great pieces I’ve found for my own home.

It’s no secret that I love to thrift, but it can be tricky finding quality pieces to bring home. It’s true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but sometimes trash is just trash. First, let’s talk about furniture. I have so much thrifted furniture that nearly every room in our house has a thrifted piece in it. The trick to finding furniture for your home is to find stuff that will stand the test of time. I never buy particle board furniture. Look for solid wood, things that can handle a lot of use and if you’re a frequent mover like us, lots of moves as well. If it looks a little worn, but it’s wood, you can refinish and make new again. You wont be able to sand, stain or paint particle board. Here are a few wood pieces I’ve brought home and fixed up.

My best wood find is by far our bed though and it was in perfect condition.

For upholstered furniture, I look for good bones, but always plan to change the upholstery. I have never purchased a couch because that is beyond my level of skill to reupholster. But if you want to try or already have those skills, by all means do it. Again, I look for real wood, not pressed or particle board. These are a few chairs I have found thrifting.

Other than wood, metal furniture is also something I look out for. I got his iron daybed in a Texas thrift store and it has held up so well. It’s moved with us 3 times now. Metal pieces can be made new again with a couple cans of spray paint. That is my favorite kinda DIY.

Besides furniture, one of my favorite things is to thrift is china. I recently snagged a beautiful 12 person place set at our base thrift store.

I also got this milk glass punch bowl set from there.

I’m not an expert at brands or designs, but I say just pick what you like and what you think you will get a lot of use out of in your own home. To me, this simple white and gold design is perfect because I can use it year round. It can go with any theme or holiday I’m planning.

Next, art and decor pieces. My favorite decor to get from thrift stores is candle holders. I have candlesticks, pillars, sconces, you name it and get tons of use out of them because I am a candle lover and use them for every occasion and in my day to day designs.

If you find yourself collecting a certain piece of decor, check thrift stores to add to your collection.

Wall art is also something I love to look for. I can usually find some really good quirky pieces like these car prints I found just for Jordan.

Or this fun piece of history for our bathroom.

I also keep my eye on other vintage pieces to add to my decor collection. Like these cans,

Or books,

And lots of trunks and suitcases.

Lastly, holiday decor. Thrift stores are packed full of Christmas decorations, y’all! I know Hobby Lobby and Homegoods are some favorite spots to shop for holiday decor, but do not discount thrift stores.

If you collect Christmas villages, I have seen those many times and in fact, purchased an entire village two Christmases ago.

I’ve also seen piles of Christmas trees. When we first moved to New Jersey, we purchased our first large fake Christmas tree from a big box store. The lights only worked the first year and I was so upset. I decided to not spend that kind of money anymore on trees and to check the thrift store when I wanted another. All of these trees are from thrift stores.

I’ve even picked up pretty pieces for my kitchen and dining. These jars and the mugs my Sadie is enjoying a cup of cocoa from.

I have seen beautiful wreaths, sets of nutcrackers, wall art, glass platters, you name it. Thrift stores are Christmas gold mines!

So, with a little imagination and sometimes a little elbow grease, you can bring some dusty pieces back to life. Most importantly though, thrifting gives you an opportunity to find some great things for your home without spending a lot of money and for me, that’s priceless! When the country opens up again, give thrifting a try.

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