My Workspace

I have been wanting a proper workspace for quite some time now. It’s been a few years since we’ve had room in our homes for me to have a good place to work. I usually edit photos and video and blog from the couch, but thats such a pain in the butt. With this new house, our master bedroom has plenty of space for me finally make that workspace happen.

For Christmas, Jordan got me a new camera that I’ve been wanting for a while and I felt motivated to get more serious about the blog and Youtube channel. So I ordered a desk from Amazon and figured out how to rearrange some furniture in our bedroom and this weekend, we set it all up.

This desk is from, our European Amazon account, but I have found similar on

It’s nothing fancy and not real wood, but it works with the color and feel of our master bedroom and it has plenty of workspace for my cameras, hard drives and computer. It took Jordan less than an hour to put together too.

My knight in shining sweatpants 😉

I had my dresser in this spot, but it was easily moved to another. I mean it when I say this room has lots of space. It actually has the exact same square footage as the living/kitchen/dining. The owners built this home to accommodate one or 2 renters so the top and bottom floors are replicas of each other. Anyway, enough about dimensions, here is the finished space. You know I had to add some pretty things because I can’t work any other way 😆.

I have plenty of outlets in this corner for all my devices. I picked up this 220v power strip from our base thrift store and moved one of our small transformers in here for my light fixture. It’s just easier to use a transformer than rewire all our lamps.

I still need a few more things to make my blogging and vlogging go a bit smoother, like spare batteries for my cameras, a desktop computer and a bigger external hard drive, but for now this is 10x better than what I was working with.

Now to get to work! Thanks for following along, friends!


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