Maci and Sadie’s Shared Room

I really like for my girls to share a room for a little while. I think they get to know each other better, develop a close bond and it forces them to learn how to work together. My oldest two shared a room for a few years and now my two youngest are sharing a room.

I let Maci(the older) pick out the colors and theme. She requested a dark pink and purple princess room. I thought, easy. I can do that. Too bad that’s not a popular theme right now. I guess I was thinking I would wander into Target and find tons of cute pink and purple decorations and pillows and blankets and everything else I could need…. Not so much. I found some cute bedding though and set out to visit as many low priced décor stores as possible to piece together what I needed. I literally went, everywhere. Target, Walmart, Home Goods, Marshalls, you name it lol. But I got it done and in time to surprise them after we picked them up from their grandparents’. I’m happy to report that my clients are very pleased!


Target Pom Pom bedding. It comes in other colors. Ours has this set in stock.


Sadie was very pleased with her castle staging! Like mother, like daughter
Wall storage for books is a great way to save floor space. This shelf was from Homegoods.


Softest rugs every! $20 from Walmart
Shirt and shoes optional 😉
DIY artwork



Now I gotta get to work on a tougher client, my 10 yr old :-/ Wish me luck!

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