DIY Obsession: Trunks and Suitcases

If I had to say what my favorite thing to collect from antique and thrift stores is, without a shadow of a doubt it would be trunks and suitcases. I have them in every single room of my house. They are multi-functional and I’ve bought most of them for under $5! And I love thinking about all the places they’ve been!

My kids use them in their rooms for cute toy storage. I have one in my room filled with workout gear. My larger trunks have pieces of décor that I use often when I want to change things up around the house. I even use them as decoration.


Last Christmas I stacked them and wrapped them in lights to make a suitcase Christmas tree.


I’ve turned a couple into bench storage by adding bun feet to the bottom. This is a 5 minute DIY!! Pick out your bun feet (there are a few different options at Lowes) and top plates. 4 of each.

715987510175 038453027510

Turn your trunk upside down and screw your top plates into each corner. The screws will come with your top plate.

20130511_201733 20130511_201741 20130511_201750

Then your bun feet will screw into your top plates. This step is so easy, a 7 year old can do it!


Turn your trunk back over and you’re done! Told ya, 5 minute DIY! (excuse my French fry toes, but at least I color coordinated 😛 )


I spray painted this one for my room because it was pretty dingy. Clean your trunk well,  spray with primer, then paint. Okay, so this took 10 minutes.

upcycled trunk
upcycled trunk

I get most of my trunks from Salvation Army. The one in our town has a corner with a stack full of suitcases! Don’t be afraid to treasure hunt at your local thrift stores 🙂

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