Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas, friends! I hope you enjoy this year’s tour for Christmas. I think this year, I finally have this house situated the way I like it and works best for our family. Now, to enjoy it before we move again in 2.5 years 😬🥴.

In the entryway, I re-used all the command hooks from Halloween to hang some 3D snowflakes that I ordered from last Christmas. I love going big in the entryway because it’s the first thing you see and you’re only there for a short time. Might as well make it a good time 😉

This pencil tree is from Michaels. I have one here and a tinsel style tree in the upstairs hallway. They are so skinny and you can tuck them anywhere.

This view makes me so happy because the new to me vintage persian rug makes the Christmas decorations fit so seemless into the everyday look of this room.

You know we had to have a hot chocolate bar. It’s not the holiday season for us without it.

This space has changed a bit since last year. I rearranged the furniture to fit a loveseat for extra movie watching seats. This loveseat is from Ikea, here in Germany, but it’s very common and you can probably find it in the states.

You may notice that most of my trees do not have tree skirts, nor the trendy tree collar. I like to use blankets and even scraps of fabric to wrap the base of my tree.

Let’s head further down the hallway to check out the bathrooms and Sadie’s room decked for Christmas too. The only rooms not kn the tour this year are the storage rooms and the oldest girls’ rooms. Teenagers need lots of privacy 😃.

I love decorating the girls rooms for Christmas. They love it very colorful and fun!

Let’s head upstairs for more Christmas.

I didn’t put the Christmas village up last year and one of my girls made sure to tell me she wants it up this year. I put it here in our library and I love it all tucked into the shelves with the books.

Of course, the hallway and bathrooms up here are decked too.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal 😉

Olivia’s room was just finished and we were both so excited to decorate it for Christmas. She used her lights and tree for her night light 🥰.

And lastly our master bedroom got a big Christmas makeover. Our large tree is in here and it lights up the balcony from the window. My husband said it’s so pretty to see when he comes home from work every night.

And that’s it for the 2022 Christmas tour! I hope you’re liking the videos on YouTube as well. I’m still learning a lot about video editing, but hopefully I’ll get better with each video. I’ll have one last video tour of the Christmas lights and that will be it until the new year. Merry Christmas, friends!

One thought on “Christmas 2022

  1. Tulu everything is beautiful. I keep thinking every year that it can’t get any better, but you manage always do one better. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing your talent shine and shine it does.


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