Halloween Living Room

Our final room tour is the living room. The birds are the main show in here. I really let my imagination run wild. Come check out the madness.

I wanted to create a spooky tree to go with all my paper and foam crows. I planned on using real mossy branches, but decided to go with something a little less damp and stinky for indoors. I have a lit white birch tree for Christmas and I used some faux mossy branches and a couple bags of craft moss to cover all the white branches, but still allow the light to shine through. We have been enjoying this spooky tree lit up every night.

These paper birds came from Walmart about 3 years ago. I just flatten them and put them in a ziplock and they’re good for the next year.

My DIY terra cotta pumpkins. I actually found spray paint at our local hardware store that gives you a terra cotta finish. Easy peasy DIY

I think I have more fun decorating for Halloween than Christmas because it always feels more whimsical and make believe. I don’t have floating decorations or trees growing from the walls at Christmas. I feel like my own set designer, making a magical world for our family to enjoy all month long. I hope you all enjoyed this week’s tour of our Halloween decorations this year. Tomorrow I will have a full video tour of it all and a couple other spaces that I haven’t shown yet. Thanks so much for following along on this decorating journey with me. I hope you find some ideas and inspiration for your own homes. Happy Halloween, y’all!

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