Winter 2021

After 4 winters here in New Jersey, I finally decided to get my camera out and snap a few pictures of our beautiful neighborhood covered in snow. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there sick of the snow by now (especially all my Texas friends), but I love documenting all things where we live here on the blog. I hope our girls can look back and remember each home and all the memories and friends we made there. This particular day was a fun snow day for dad and our littlest girls, so it is a good day to photograph.

Our home is sort of camouflaged by the white snow.

A few shots of our beautiful neighborhood.

For this last shot a comparison of this building today and The Hindenburg crew survivors standing in front of it on May 11th 1937. This is the old bachelor officers quarters.

photo from the Smithsonian National Postal Museum

One day, I’ll get around to sharing some more of the history here. For today, I hope you enjoyed a little snowy tour of our little neighborhood.

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