Christmas House Tour: Part 1

I’m breaking up the Christmas tour into 3 parts because I went a little crazy this year. I even decorated all our rooms. Sorry, not sorry. I had to go out with a bang for our last Christmas in this house. For the first part I’ll take you through the main living areas of the house. Get a cup of coffee, hot chocolate,wine, whatever and get ready to overload on Christmas. Ready? Go!

This is the small sitting area at the entrance of our house. I didn’t do too much here, just a few touches here and there.




Here’s where I start getting carried away. Again, I am not sorry about it 😉



I scored some free tree trimmings at Home Depot and used them throughout the house.



I tried a different placement with my dining table and I’m mad at myself for not having like this the other 3 years we’ve lived here. Oh well, Ill enjoy it now.




Warning: I went a little plaid crazy

And into the kitchen…




My Hot Cocoa Bar: My girls love me even more now!



I didn’t go too overboard in the cooking area because I hate when my counters are cluttered.




Our card holder. (I may or may not have purchased all these cards at the Dollar Store until I have friends who send me cards.)



And finally, the living room. Where most of the Christmas magic happens, of course! Soak it all in.



I bought real cedar garland at Home Depot when we got our tree. I Just wanted to try it and I am so glad I did. I love it!!



We decided to get a smaller tree than usual. It’s only about 6′, but it’s definitely not short on charm or smell. This little guy filled our house with the best pine smell, it almost makes up for the needles I get to clean up.





Phewww, ok that’s all for now. I’m confident that will satisfy any Christmas fix. Now go deck your halls y’all!


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