Trees of Christmas Past

I have been blogging for a while now and have shared many a Christmas tree. Today we’re gonna take a look back at a few.

I usually keep it pretty traditional in style, but I have ventured off in less traditional colors. It’s fun to see how my tastes have evolved over the years.

This first tree was when the rustic/farmhouse craze was just starting. You can see I jumped on board with some burlap ribbon.

You can see that our last house in Texas was all about the rustic feel.

Our first Christmas in New Jersey was in our previous base house. I was pregnant with our youngest and had lots of time to sit and craft. I made large white ornaments out of coffee filters among other crafts.

Candy canes were my inspiration that year. This is also the year I used feather boas instead of ribbon.

The first Christmas in our current house. We had just moved in a couple months prior and I was working on lots of decorating projects throughout. I think these pictures reflect a hurried Christmas decorator and are not my favorite by far.

This year our lights went out in the tree and I had to buy new ones. I tried colored lights because they’re my husband’s favorite, but I am not a fan of them in my big tree.

Our second Christmas, I went the complete opposite, with lots of whites and a monochromatic color scheme on both our trees. Yup, both. I picked up a gigantic tree from the thrift store that year and gave it new life in our home. I also flocked it along with our main tree.

I really loved both of these and they make make an appearance again in a future Christmas.

And finally, last year’s Christmas. I kept it very traditional, using plaid ribbon as my inspiration.

I am working on the finishing touches for this year’s Christmas decor and can’t wait to share it with you all. I hope all that transpired over the year hasn’t dampened your spirit for the fun of the holidays and maybe even made you even more motivated to decorate, as it has me. We can all use a little extra cheer to end this year. Merry decorating, friends!

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