New House Design Inspiration

inFor the new house I’m going to try something a little different. I liked having your advice on a few of my recent projects so I thought I’d let you all help with the design process on the entire house and I’ll keep you informed on what I’m thinking. My biggest dilemma when I put together a room is that I like so many different design styles that it’s hard for me to make a decision on which direction I want to go. If you’ve noticed, my design has been pretty eclectic lately and that’s why. So, hopefully you all can help me rein it in and make up my mind. I’m also going to go a bit slower. I have the tendency to speed through the process because I want to see everything finished. When I walk into a room my mind races with what I want it to look like and so I move from room to room decorating. It leaves me with rooms that are half finished and a lot of frustration. This go round I will start with one room and not move to another until I’m finished.

I’ve been doing a little research on some products I want and scouring my favorite blogs for inspiration for the overall look of the house, but when we get in there I’ll create a design plan room by room. I’ve rounded up a few things to show you all so you can see what I’m envisioning for the new house.

First, I have decided to keep the walls white. I want a nice, bright white to highlight the high ceilings. I’m envisioning something like this

Pic from Decorpad via Pinterest

The cool thing about painting the walls white is that I don’t have to paint again to move out! Don’t worry though, color lovers, I’ll be adding pops of color throughout.

One of the ways I want to add interest is through accent walls. I have been eyeballing some stencils and temporary wallpaper to really make a statement. One of my favorite people to follow on Instagram and Pinterest has mastered the accent wall. Brittany Hayes from Addison’s Wonderland has great taste. Here are some shots from her current home.

*All Pics From Addison’s Wonderland Blog via Pinterest*

addison's wonderlandaddison's wonderland2addison's wonderland3

I drool at all her pictures. You can follow her blog here.

Now, obviously I don’t have the budget for all of that, but one of my favorite things to do is find affordable ways to achieve the look I want. And then, of course, share it with y’all. I found a website that has some great stencils to help me achieve an awesome accent wall. Cutting Edge Stencils  has so many to pick from. These are a couple of my favorite.


I love the rose stencil and may actually use it in more than one room, just with different paint colors.

There is also so much in the world of temporary wallpaper and decals. In fact, you can even find them in Walmart and Target. I really like the ones from Target. My oldest, Bella, has already called dibs on these gold feather decals.


And my Maci wants these cute food decals.


I’ve created mini design monsters, but I love that they get excited to decorate their own spaces. Decorating may seem petty in the grand scheme of raising kids, but when you have kids who can be uprooted at a moment’s notice, it is important for them to always feel like they’re at home, no matter where they live.

I also plan to paint some of the interior doors in different colors. For the front door, I want a soft pink and I may do the girls doors the same color.


How pretty is that? Even though it’s not your traditional white, I still think it’s not over the top. And with the girls rooms, they will have a jack and jill style bathroom so they will have two pops of color in each of their rooms.

I will also be replacing some of the light fixtures and adding some where there are none. I can’t make up my mind with the dining room chandelier. I don’t want anything too modern, but I would like a modern twist on something traditional. I’m thinking gold or brass because I don’t want a black fixture hanging above my black table. I figure if I’m going to spend money on a chandelier, I want it to stand out. Here are a few I like from Wayfair.


As for the living room, there is no lighting. I will either have to use lamps or plug in sconces and I’m leaning towards sconces. I absolutely love this one from World Market.


It may seem crazy to buy lighting fixtures for a rental, but I’ll get to take them with me when we move so it’s not like it’s a waste of money.

Finally, onto the kitchen. This space needs some real love. It’s such a small space and all that brown on brown is doing nothing for it.


I have to add some light and bright to open it up a little. I’m going to cover both the counters and backsplash with temporary products. First, the counters will be covered in this marble like contact paper from Amazon.


I think that will instantly update this room. Next, for the backsplash I will use peel and stick tiles. I am super excited about this product. It looks just like real tile only it’s temporary and easy to apply. I have found them everywhere from Lowes to Walmart to home décor websites. My favorites are from Wayfair.


They even have video tutorials to help guide you. To remove the tiles you just need to apply heat with a blow dryer and they’re supposed to peel right off. How cool is that?? I’ve done a lot of tiling and it is not a fun or easy project so the idea of peel and stick tile is a dream come true! I think I’ll be using some on the fireplace too.

So, what do you think? Do you like the direction I’m going? Do you have any input? Let me know because I’ll take any suggestions you have.







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