A Fun, Eclectic Dining Room

I finished the dining room this week, complete with a new bench made by my sweet husband. It was the piece that was holding this room up. I couldn’t find anything that was tall enough for my littles to reach the table and not too wide to fit under my table, so Jordan to the rescue (he’s pretty good at coming to my rescue). I wanted to use an unexpected color so I chose pink. I know pink scares a lot of people because it is very girly and although it works great in a 6 year olds room, it can be a little overwhelming in every day design. But I went for it and I love it! So here it is, our fun, eclectic dining room. A little glam, a little shabby and a touch of mod.

















Fit for a fancy breakfast for some fancy girls!


So what do you think of this funky room? Are you ready to step outside the box too? Happy designing friends!

2 thoughts on “A Fun, Eclectic Dining Room

  1. I love this dining room Tulu! It’s so pretty. I’m taking notes for our new home. We’re moving across town to a single family next month. Our current home is more in the neutral/brown/taupe vibe but I really would like our new home to have pops of color like yours. I need you to come down and be my consultant!!! Oh wait but you’re about to give birth…. 🙂 Love you cousin! Keep up the great work, I’m inspired!


    1. Thank you Leilani! I am constantly changing things up around my house. I try to use a neutral backdrop and then add color with accessories. This allows me to try something new by switching up the accessories. I would love to help with your new home. I’ve been getting a lot of requests like that so I’m trying to figure out how I can help from long distance. I was thinking of coming up with an online questionnaire that I can use to make mood boards. I’ll keep you posted 😃


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