Christmas in the Kitchen

I have pretty much been done with my Christmas decorations for a few weeks now. Problem is, I never had the energy to clean and stage so I could take photos. Newborns will do that to you. I decided to focus on one room at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed.

Now the good thing about late nights with the baby is that everyone else is asleep and out of my way. I was able to get the baby to sleep and get some work done in peace and quiet (a rare commodity in this house :-P). So, first for your viewing pleasure, the kitchen. I kept it simple in here. It’s such a small space, I don’t want to add too much clutter because I still have to cook for these folks.

Onto the tour 🙂


I am making it a mission to find holiday mugs for every holiday. This one came from Homegoods, as did the Halloween mugs.




I found this snowman plate at a thrift store. Never underestimate the treasures that can be found in thrift stores, especially holiday décor.




Here are a couple more thrift store finds. I usually keep candy hidden in them. Sometimes mamas need a secret stash, especially when you have a buttload of kids 😉


Here is the first of my pom pom garlands. I made a bunch of these for my holiday décor this year. I have a tutorial in the works.






These are Target plates. I couldn’t pass them up at a couple bucks a piece. The car and tree are a popular look this holiday.





Mr. and Mrs. Claus are yet another thrift store find. I really need to find some good thrift stores here in New Jersey. I miss my Texas thrift stores.


And that’s all for the kitchen folks. I’ll be back to share more cheer!


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