Bella’s Tween Bedroom

My oldest, Bella is my most difficult client. She knows what she likes, but isn’t very good at explaining it. However, she is very good at showing her dislike for some of the stuff I’ve done for her in the past. Since she’s getting into that preteen stage and really needing her own space (away from her younger sisters), I really wanted to nail this room for her. She has been away for the summer so I’ve had plenty of time to ponder and plan. I’ve tried to pick her brain, but as I said before she’s not very good at explaining to me what she wants. So I tried to use her hints she’s dropped in the past (usually after I’ve designed a room for her and she doesn’t really like it lol) and do some research on pinterest, etc. The one thing she did say before we moved was that she wanted turquoise, so I knew I had to give her that, at least.

I already had a dresser and headboard I used in our old master that she loved so that went straight to her room. I decided yellow and peach would look good with the turquoise without being too girly. She is not big on fru-fru.

I will be flying out to Texas to pick her up next Wed and I cannot wait to show her (and of course smother her with kisses!)


All of the bedding was purchased at Target. However, they were all found at different times. The comforter set was used in the master bedroom of our old home, but the sheets and blanket were purchased recently.





My husband, who is a machinist and welder, made this star and the smaller turquoise one as well.
Bella is a reader so I made sure to give her a comfy spot to read. I found this chair, pillow and trash can at Target.



This desk is an antique find. I got it at a downtown antique shop in Wichita Falls, TX. The stool is from Homegoods.












And there you have it. A tween girls room fit for a sweet, picky, indecisive princess! Fingers crossed the client loves it!

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