About Me


Hey hey hey! I’m Tulu, a military wife, Stay at Home mother of 4, DIYer, and lover of all things home decor. I love before and afters, researching new projects, sharing projects and saving tons of money while making my house a home! This blog is about my journey to create a beautiful ‘Champagne’ house on my ‘Beer’ budget! I discovered my love for decorating while still in the military myself. I was a single mother, living on base and searching for ways to make my little on-base home feel comfortable and warm and beautiful. Once my husband finally got an assignment with me, we decided to buy a home. And that’s where the real design/diy lessons were learned. After having our last girl we decided I would stay home and our income was cut in half. Our funds were lower, but my desire for a nice home was not! I would read design blogs, magazines and watch a ton of design shows drooling over the gorgeous rooms and homes. So I learned how to use power tools, tile floors and sew baby sew! Turns out, I love it! Since I’ve spent so much time and sweat and tears in each room, it means more to me. I put my heart into each space and it’s become my passion. I’m not much of a writer but I realized people were interested in learning how I did certain projects or created rooms so here I am, starting a blog to share all my so-called wisdom. Hopefully I can share something that will help you in your home. God bless!

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