A Few Changes

One thing that stays the same here, is that nothing ever stays the same. For me my house is my creative outlet and I am always thinking of new ways to make it look pretty. As the seasons change, I use that as an opportunity to move things around, change out the wall decor and create new vignettes. Today, I’m sharimg some of the new things over here, including some thrifted finds and some bought from a couple of my favorite home stores.

First, a look at our new room. The bright white is a big departure from our dark green walls, but I think moving into this smaller room, brighter is better. We only have our bed, side tables and books in here, so it works even with our large bed frame.

Here, I changed out my usual wall decor for some thrifted finds and this entry table was given to me by a friend who recently PCSd(military speak for moved😉). And here is also where my newly renovated chairs found new life. I like having extra seating that I can easily pull out for guests and these are small enough to tuck away until I need them. The thrifted metal urn is filled with dried eucalyptus from Hobby Lobby and dried hydrangeas from my garden.

I used this print from our old bedroom wall gallery to add a fall touch to this spot. Lots of warm wood decor and candles help too.

The mantle features a large thrifted painting that i recently got from Goodwill. It was the first thing I spotted in the display window and I put it immediately in my basket!

Other than the large vase filled with more of that eucalyptus from Hobby lobby, these next items have nothing to do with fall. They are just a few things I recently got from Homegoods and love so much, I had to share with y’all.

I’ve been slowly adding to my blue and white collection over the years. The stool and china are some things I’ve wanted and passed them over times. But this time, I went for it and I am so glad I did. The little lions were just one of those pieces that I was instantly attracted to and had to have. I’m gonna start sharing more of the small changes I do and more of my shopping hauls too. I hope you enjoy!

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