Kids Rooms

Hands down, the most fun I have decorating is when I decorate for my girls. They always have ideas on what they want their rooms to look like and it’s so awesome to see their faces when it’s finished. We move often, which works out for them because as they grow, their tastes change somewhat. A new home/room means a fresh space to create. Before I show you some of the rooms I have decorated for my girls, I’ll share my top 10 tips for creating a fun kids room.

1. Think outside the decor aisle

Any kind of banner or garland works great for kids room. Check out the party aisle for cheap paper banners, tassels or garland. You can find pretty much any color and anything that hangs from the wall or ceiling is fun for kids.

2. Spray paint is your best friend

Since I do change things up every move, I am able to reuse decor by spray painting them to fit whatever the new color scheme is.

3. Paint. The. Walls.

It really is the easiest, cheapest way to transform a room. And for kids rooms, you can use a fun stencil or use different coordinating colors to create something fun.

4. Mix Cheap and Expensive Bedding

When buying bedding, splurge on the comforter or quilt, but save money buying cheaper sheets and pillowcases. Really, I don’t consider Target a splurge (and that’s where I get a lot of the girls comforters and quilts), but when you compare the prices for matching sheet sets vs the cheaper brands, it’s a big save. And if you’re eyeballing that beautiful comforter you saw in the Pottery Barn catalog, getting the Walmart sheets that are a perfect match will save you so much!

5. Texture is a must in kids rooms

Anything furry, sparkly, 3 dimensional, etc. helps to make a kids room come alive. Furry pillowcases, 3D art, fun rugs, extra comfy blankets are all great ways to add texture.

6. Attractive toy storage

Kids have toys and lots of other things. If you can give them a nice place to put it all, it will help them keeps things neat and it can be another cute piece of decor in their room. A trunk, wall storage, bookshelf with cubbies are all things I have used for toy storage.

7. Anchor everything

This one isn’t really about decorating, but it is a must. I always anchor the girls window treatments. There are also kits to anchor dressers to the wall for all your little climbers out there. And if you allow your kids to have a TV in their room, anchor that too.

8. DIY artwork or use your kids art

This will save money on wall decor and is definitely more meaningful. A pretty frame can make anything look good on a wall. You can do an art gallery of their work or make coordinating art to fit the color scheme.

9. Fun seating

Give your kids fun places to sit while they play or watch tv. Target and Walmart always have cute floor pillows and ottomans. This is another fun and functional way to add texture.

10. And most important

Let your kids tell you what they like. Just because it’s trendy or you like it, doesn’t mean they will. Trust me, your kid will have plenty input on what they think a cool room is.

Now, let me show you some of rooms I’ve created for my littles.


Little girls room

Pre-teen/Teenager Room

The key to creating a kids space is to have fun. Pick their little brains and remember what it was like to be a kid yourself. Happy decorating, friends!

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