Fall Living Room


Good morning!! I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. We got to enjoy cooler temperatures all weekend long and we watched a whole lot of football. It was the perfect weekend to finish up my Fall decorating and share it with you all. As much as I love Fall, I’ve never been crazy about decorating with the color orange. It’s probably my least favorite color, next to brown. So, this year I decided to pick another Fall fruit as my inspiration. Living in New Jersey, we have taken full advantage of all the local farms near us, especially during Fall. We have made it a tradition to go apple picking every Fall and pick up lots of pies and apple cider donuts. So, this year the star of the show is apples! I have packed this house with a lot of burgundy and red and surprisingly, I did not have a hard time finding accessories for my color scheme and it came together so nicely.

If you don’t follow me on social media, I took a poll to see if everyone wanted to see one long tour or separate tours of each room and separate tours won. So, today I will start in the living room and share a couple more spaces later this week. So buckle up, because today starts the first of many holiday home tours!

This is always my favorite room to decorate. It’s white walls give me a clean pallet to work with every holiday. This is hands down the best it has looked since we moved in!




And there you have it folks! We are loving our Fall home and this was the perfect spot to enjoy a pot of chili and watch football last weekend. I’m sure we’ll repeat that for many more weekends to come this Fall! Also, to try something new to me and something I think you all will like, I’m going to share where I bought all my Fall goodies. After all, the reason I share so early is so that you all may get a little inspiration for your own homes when you are ready to decorate. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to share the Homegoods finds I got because they don’t have online shopping and every Homegoods has a little different stuff.

Joanns Fabric Store was my biggest Fall shopping spot!

burgundy velvet pumpkin


felt pumpkins

felt pumpkin

gather pillow

gather pillow

throw blanket


acorn spray



I got most of my floral from Hobby Lobby. I typically wait until they have a floral sale and I can usually get 2 stems for the price of one!

cattail stem

cattail stem

eucalyptus garland


eucalyptus garland


lambs ear stem


lambs ear


Happy Decorating, everyone!

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