Patio Makeover: Wish List

This week consisted of a tonsillectomy, Spirit week and a carnival at school, a sick baby, and a ton of rain yesterday. Now it’s Halloween and needless to say I haven’t made much progress on the patio.I was able to finish the first coat on the addition, but that has no affect on the patio :-/ So, I’m left to only dream about how I want this patio to turn out. My goal is to have the patio finished and ready to receive guests for our Friendsgiving next month.

Once I get the second coat of paint on the walls, I’m going to focus on the door. I’ve decided to go with a classic gloss black. Not only do I love the way it looks but black and white is the perfect backdrop for any color scheme I choose.



After the door, I have got to tackle the cement floor. After years of DIY projects, it has taken quite the beating. It needs some serious help. I already have cement paint in white and grey. The grey seems appealing to me but I don’t think simply painting will do the job. There are a few cracks in the slab and I think it would take too many coats and gallons of paint to cover the messes I’ve made. I have been doing some research on Rustoleum Restore.


It’s $69 at Lowes for this 3 gallon container and it’s supposed to cover 120sq ft with 2 coats. It’s tintable too. Most of what I’ve read is really good. Of course you can’t please everyone and there were some unhappy customer reviews on the Lowes website. I think if I do a well enough job preparing the concrete, I should be fine. I’ll give a full report on the process and how it turns out.

After I’ve finished the big hard jobs I can focus on the fun part, decorating. I’ve always wanted to hang some big long curtains out there and now I can finally get to it.  I mean how nice is this?!


Not only will it be beautiful, it will help keep the dirt and leaves off the patio! I plan on using drop cloths from Lowes for the curtains, but I haven’t decided how I want to hang them. I have a few ideas but I always have to think about my budget of course. I really like the galvanized pipe look but that can get pricey.


Maybe I can come up with a cheaper way and achieve the same look.  I already have patio furniture, I just need to spruce up the accessories a bit.

Hopefully this rainy weather will stay away long enough for me to make some real progress this week or even better, complete this project!

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