Cheap Mirror Wall Decor

One of my favorite ways to decorate a small space is with mirrors. Our entryway is so small. I wanted a large mirror to fill one of the walls but large mirrors are expensive and I am cheap. So I decided to use a few cheap (my favorite word) mirrors to create the large mirror look. I grabbed a couple stencils and a Sharpie and wrote HOME SWEET HOME. I like to use Sharpies on my mirror or glass art because it won’t rub off, but you can clean it off with alcohol and a rag.

I hung them horizontal and stacked them so they would fill the entire wall both height and length. My first attempt at hanging them was a dud. I used the double sided tape that is made for these mirrors but I think because I hung them horizontal rather than vertical, it was too much weight. After waking up to a glass filled entryway, I headed back to Walmart for another mirror and a pack of clear mirror clips that screw into the wall and hold your mirror.



I haven’t had any issues since then and I love my new wall art!




Did I mention this project was cheap?! Cause it was.

Here are a few more cheap mirror ideas:

From Lilikoi Joy:


From Shanty 2 Chic:


From Thrifty and Chic:


I love them all!

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