Fall Porch

With colder weather in the very near future, I finally decided to get some pumpkins and finish my fall porch.

I was really inspired by Liz Marie’s pumpkin-full porch so I tried to achieve a similar look. Isn’t this beautiful?!


I started decorating the porch a few weeks ago. My husband helped me set up my patio furniture and I reused some rugs that I’ve had for a while but they don’t fit the interior décor anymore. I love the way the porch feels like an extension of the inside. Our girls have already made friends here, so this is a perfect place to hang out and watch them all play.







One of the great things about New Jersey is the abundance of farms and local markets. We have a farm market right down the street from our house so I, of course, went there to pick out pumpkins. They had an amazing selection of pumpkins, as well as fresh produce and flowers! They were even baking pies so Sadie and I obviously left with one of those too 🙂 !





Let me tell you, it is so nice to live in a place where my plants thrive rather than dehydrate and die hahaha. All the mums and fall foliage I bought look beautiful!




I’ll be spending a lot of time on this porch! Happy Fall y’all!



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